Introducing the iQ by MHM, a new generation of oval textile screenprinting machines designed to truly grow with your business. With its revolutionary iDS intelligent drive system (patented), the iQ is one of the fastest oval presses available and represents a whole new level of accuracy and performance, never seen before with current production systems. The unique and highly innovative iDS intelligent drive system,gives the iQ more bene_ts and _exibility than any other current production system. With no heavy chains or belts to drive the pallet arms and no huge drive motor or gearbox, the iDS intelligent drive system o_ers super smooth, accurate high speed movement in either direction with single, double and triple index facility. Operator safety is also greatly increased due to the iQ’s unique drive motors, which will stop immediately upon sensing the slightest obstruction, eliminating the need for safety barriers or cables making this an incredibly safe and easy machine to operate. All iQ machines have a small, individual drive motor located on every pallet arm, making all pallet arms totally independent from each other, and every station has its own individual registration block, providing perfect registration accuracy 100% of the time. There is no possibility (as with chain or belt driven machines) for the pallets arms to _ght against each other, especially when the chain or belt stretches which has been a common problem with many chain driven oval machines. The iDS system provides unparalleled long term reliability, extremely low maintenance and zero registration problems. iQ Oval presses are modular in design and may be con_gured to suit almost any production requirement, o_ering ‘future proof’ expandability at a fraction of the cost of replacing an existing machine which your business has outgrown. Simply add more stations and colours as your requirements grow (from a minimum of 8 colours with 12 stations up to a maximum of 56 colours with 60 stations), increasing yourproduction capability as your business demands, providing maximum _exibility with minimum disruption. The same high quality, user friendly printing heads found on all MHM machines worldwide with the same time-saving features come as standard, making the iQ instantly familiar to the operator, minimising training whilst ensuring seamless compatibility in screen and artwork preparation. MHM screenprinting machines are famous for their unrivalled build quality, and the iQ is no exception. All printing heads are connected to the centre columns for maximum stability, eliminating any vibration or upward de_ection during printing, a signi_cant problem found on competitive oval machines. This increased stability enables MHM to o_er the iQ oval in larger printing formats including 50 x 70cm, 70 x 100cm and a huge 80 x 110cm. Unlike most oval machines, garments may be loaded and unloaded from the corners/ends of the iQ allowing a larger number of printing heads to be accommodated into a smaller footprint, whilst the optional ‘high-lift’ facility allows the operator to create single or multiple loading and unloading stations at any position by simply raising individual printing heads out of the way, great for printing multiple jobs on the same press simultaneously. For intuitive user-friendly operation, the iQ comes equipped with the latest and innovative M-Touch Pro operating system with tablet/pad style interface and simple ’_nger-tip’ commands for all main operator functions. Unlike conventional touch-screens, this android based system is in_nitely upgradeable, inexpensive to replace and incredibly reliable, not to mention the WIFI connection for ‘real-time’ technical support and future-proof software upgrades, another industry _rst by MHM. In addition, every printing station is also equipped with its own digital control keypad for fast and easy adjustments during set-up. A new era in screenprinting machinery has arrived, the iQ by MHM with iDS intelligent drive system – innovative technology to rede_ne performance…


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