The Digital Printing unit “Ariojet” is a Direct Printing Solution for finished sheets or T-Shirts, it’s projected to be used on screen printing carousel machines with individual or combined stations of the “MHM” brand with the possibility, case by case, to be mounted on other Brands.
The Arioli Digital unit “Ariojet” helps printers to combine the various working processes of traditional screen-printing, associated with the latest and continually evolving technology and applications demanded by the market today.
The Arioli Digital unit “Ariojet” is compatible with manual and automatic screen-printing; it has many useful applications and it is the best solution for printing – decoration and for fashion applications, enabling printers to avoid costly engraving processes of screen printing.

Technical specifications:

 Printing method  Piezo electronic
 Inks  Waterbase pigment or reactive
 Printing heads  Kyocera KJ4B
 Number of heads  4
 Printing resolution  600 x 600 dpi – 1 pass / 600 x 1200 dpi – 2 pass
 Printing high  From 1,5 mm to 35 mm
 Printing width  400 x 500 mm
 Operating system  Windoes
 Power supply  380 Volts – 50Hz
 Climatic conditions  Temperature 20° – 30° Humidity 45% – 65%







ArioPrint 01



ArioPrint is a resistant direct printing machine for fabrics having a maximum width of 2000 mm, complete with inlet device, printing belt and washing unit.
The inlet system consists in an expander and guide rollers for correct inlet tension.
The aramidic fibre belt, the sturdy rollers and the precision system assure stability and a correct fabric positioning.
The built in electronics with optical fibre wiring guarantee high volume data transmission and excellent performance.

Technical specifications:

 Supported by Kyocera Kj403T Bi-Colour printing heads, it is possible to set the printing machine with 8 or 16 heads
 Available printing definitions: 300×300  600×600  900×900  1200×1200
 Printing width up to 2000 mm on printing blanket with washing system
 The Digital Printer can be loaded with all available Inks
 Entry from textile rolls with centering and tensioning unit
 Open drive solution interfaceable with all RIP softwares on the market
 Printing configuration supported with 8 spot colors or with double CMYK



 Resolution [dpi]

300 x 300

600 x 600

900 x 900

1200 x 1200

 Printing mode

Mono-Directional / Bi-Directional / Multipass

 Productivity [m2/h]

30 kHz





20 kHz





 Printing width [mm]



Flash Ager


Flash Ager


Steaming chamber for two phase printing with a limited fabric content for a short dwelling time.

Technical specifications:

 Fabric capacity [m]

10 – 18

 Roller width [cm]

200 – 350

 Dwell time [sec]

10 – 180

 Steam consumption [kg/h]

250 – 1000

 Length L [mm]


 Width B [mm]

T + 1500

 Height [mm]





FP2S Rotary Screen Printing



FP2S Rotary Screen Printing Machines

FP2S Rotary Screen Printing Machines


Due to its unique product design in combination with our focus on consistent market orientation the FP2S printhead system establishes absolutely new possibilities and chances to our customers.

No matter whether it is high quality fashion printing, finest silk or polyester or upholstery fabrics and heavy weight home textiles, from very short to extremely long runs, the FP2S technology will fulfil all individual requirements.

Due to the combination and integration of all existing screen printing techniques, our customers are enabled to take a decision up to their current demands but still with all options and the full flexibility for whatever future may bring.

Technical specifications:


Printing width max (PWmax) [mm] 1650 1850 2050 2250 2450 2650 2850 3050 3250
Overall length printing machine (Ldr) at number of stations [mm] 8












Overall width [mm]










Repeat gear sizes [mm]

640 – 1018

Maximum printing speed [m/min]

up to 100

 Printing Systems:

Standard Option
Magnet squeegee system to meet all demanding and precise requirements in today’s competitive markrtplace Blade squeegee system for special applications or customer demands, using well proofed squeegee technology



Labo 2000

Labo 2000

Labo 2000


The laboratory steamer “Labo 2000” is extremely useful almost essential to textile processes utilising our continuous steamer.
The laboratory steamer reproduces the exact steaming conditions of our steam ager either in saturated steam from temperatures of 102°C ÷ 106°C or superheated steam from temperatures of 165°C ÷ 190°C.

This enables production patterns of printing trials to be steamed under the same conditions as would be expected in bulk processing and is a useful machine for the development work of dyestuff and chemical manufacturers.


Technical specifications

 Steam consumption in saturated steam [kg/h]


 Steam consumption in superheated steam [kg/h]


 Water consumption in saturated steam (max) [l/h]


 Installed electric power in saturated steam [kW]


 Installed electric power in superheated steam [kW]


 Steam pressure supply [kg/cm2]

3 / 4

 Capacity of sample to be steamed [mm]

1000 x 1500



 MiniVapo 80

MiniVapo 80

MiniVapo 80 (Layout)


Minivapo is different from existing steamers avaible on the market but guarantee the same steam quality as well as the same standards of its big brothers dedicated to traditional printing.
Also the Minivapo can be used in all continuous lines for the colour fixation processes. It is very easy to be used on many kinds of fabric having different printing recipes and chemicals.
Saturated steam can be used when printing reactive dyes and acids, while superheated steam is esed for disperse prints and to fix pigments in hot air.


Technical specifications:

 Fabric capacity [m] 80
 Roller width [cm] 220 – 280 – 360
 Working speed [m/min] 5 – 50
 Dwell time [sec] 1,6 – 16
 Average steam consumption [kg/h] 200 – 400
 Saturated condition working temperature [°C] 102 – 106
 H.T. condition working temperature [°C] 165 – 190
 Hot air working temperature [°C] 90 – 190
 Installed power heat [BTU - kW] 272000 – 81
 Installed electric power [kW] 15
 Max. absorbed electric power [kW] 12
 Length [mm] 10820
 Width [mm] R.W. + 700
 Height [mm] 2900

Plasma laboratory unit

Plasma laboratoty unit

Plasma laboratory unit

Laboratory machine for developing new working processes to be carried out on the production machine.


This machine makes it possible to develop an extremely wide range of effects  on a small scale, in air or controlled atmosphere, ranging from activation to etching, as well as deposition of thin layers of chemicals (CVD Chemical vapour deposition).

Technical specifications:

Size (mm) 1460 (w) – 780 (d) – 1650 (h)
Weight (kg) 250
Mechanical speed (m/min) 5 – 50
Roller width (mm) 300
Useful width (mm) 250
Materials Fabric / knitting / NW
Materials thickness (mm) 1,5
Processed side 1
Installed power (kW) 4
Generator (kW) 1,5 x 1
Operating frequency (kHz) 30 – 60
Operating voltage (kV RMS) 5 – 7
Discharge tools 1
Operating mode Continuous (sinusoidal) / pulse&pause
Duty cycle ton & toff (ms) 50 – 2000
Maximum inter-electrode gap (mm) 2
Gas flow capacity (slm) 0 -50 x 1
Multiple calibration yes
Liquid flow capacity (g/h H2O sist.) 0 – 1500
High efficiency vaporizer – mixer (W) 400
Fabric tension control -
Cooling -
Air moisture control -
Exhausters 1



Plasma production unit

Plasma production unit

Plasma production unit



The process enables you to change the surface characteristics of the treated materials, with particular regard to the parameters of surface tension and specific surface (area / mass ratio). The fabric is then more receptive to the humid process baths, improving exhaustion.
The competitive advantage resulting from the use of the technology can be expressed in terms of post-finishing fabric performance (physical and mechanical properties), especially for processes of coating and lamination, low environmental impact of the processes, lower consumption of chemicals.


Technical specifications:

Size (mm) 3900 (w) – 1250 (d) – 1980 (h)
Weight (kg) 5000
Mechanical speed (m/min) 5 – 50
Roller width (mm) 2400
Useful width (mm) 2200
Materials Fabric / knitting / NW
Material thickness (mm) 1,5
Processed side 2
Installed power (kW) 85
Generator (kW) 15 x 2
Operating frequency (kHz) 18 – 25
Operating voltage (kV RMS) 5 – 10
Discharge tools 2 x 2
Operating mode Continuous (sinusoidal) / pulse&pause
Duty cycle ton & toff (ms) 50 – 2000
Maximum inter-electrode gap (mm) 2
Gas flow capacity (slm) 0 -50 x 2
Multiple calibration yes
Liquid flow capacity (g/h H2O sist.) -
High efficiency vaporizer – mixer (W) -
Fabric tension control Load cells
Cooling Recirculation of water
Air moisture control Yes
Exhausters 2






Layout Twister

Layout Twister



The new “Twister” dryer is designed for tensionless drying of knitted fabric in tubular or open width form, woven fabric , fabrics and knits with elastomers.

An innovative air conduction system including unique nozzle boxes with built-in air flow guidance ensuring an absolutely vertical air impingement onto the fabric guarantees a soft, voluminous fabric.

High overfeed percentage, settable air flow speeds as well as vibration effect ensure low residual shrinkage.

The space saving design and the delivery in preassembled sections allow easy erection and low installation costs.

The double air filters can easily be cleaned during operation without interrupting the production in order to keep up maximum production speed.


Technical specifications:

1S 2S 3S
 Standard roller width [cm] 220 – 360 – 300
 Machine speed [m/min] 2,5 – 25 2,5 – 25 4 – 40
 Working temperature up to [°C] 180
 Air recirculation [m3/l]  50000 100000 150000
 Installed power heat [kcal/h] 300000 – 500000 600000 – 1000000 900000 – 1500000
 Installed electric power [kW] 40 65 90
 Length L [mm] 9400 12700 16000
 Width B [mm] R.W. + 3800
 Height [mm] 3000


Uniwash – Uni 11


Uniwash - Uni 11 (Layout)

Uniwash – Uni 11 (Layout)



Arioli washing machines are the only ones equipped with the exclusive patented Acquajet system, with two water blades.
The system consists of 2 specially shaped ducts in every tank, each one equipped with a slit originating a blade shaped water jet hitting perpendicularly and uniformly the full fabric width.

Maximum delicacy also on the most difficult fabrics
Acquajet system, world famous and unique for the very high flow of recirculated water, is the only existing device that solves the harshest washing problems even with the most challenging fabric. This is possible thanks to the water blades flow regulation, and the fabric special carrying forward system, which minimizes tension, thus achieving high washing performance while granting transport smoothness.

Modularity and regulations

Arioli systems are composed by independent tanks allowing the insertion of additional elements according to the required processes to be performed


Technical specifications:

Standard roller width [cm] 200 – 220 – 240 – 260
 Special roller width up to [cm] 350
 Mechanical speed up to [m/min] 80
 Installed electric power [kW] 90
 Max. adsorbed electric power [kW] 80
 Lenght L [mm] 15000
 Width B [mm] R.W. + 2400
 Height H [mm] 4500


Vapo 2015


Vapo 2015

Vapo 2015



The hight versatility of Arioli steam agers, together with the high qualitative standards, allows their utilization in all continuous production lines for the colour fixation processes.
In particular, the steam agers are very easy to be used on many kinds of fabric with different printing recipes and chemicals.

The know-how developed in more than 50 years of experience makes Arioli the best tachnical choice for high quality fabrics manufacturers.


Technical specifications:

 Linear fabric capacity [m] 200 250 350 400 450 500
 Standard roller width [mm] 2200 – 2600 – 3600
 Working speed [m/min] 4 – 40 5 – 50 7 – 70 8 – 80
 Dwell time [min] 5 – 50 5,6 – 56 6,2 – 62
 Average steam consumption [kg/h] 400 – 700 450 – 800 500 – 900 600 – 1150 700 – 1300 800 – 1450
 Saturated steam working temperature [°C] 102 – 106
 H.T. steam working temperature [°C] 165 – 190
 Hot Air working temperature [°C] 90 – 190
 Installed power heat [kcal/h] 140.000 280.000 420.000
 Installed electric power [kW] 24,5 37,4 49,4
 Absorbed electric power [kW] 19,6 29,9 39,5
 Length [mm] 9.600 10.900 13.500 14.800 16.100 17.400
 Width [mm] R.W. + 1000
 Height [mm] 4.170


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