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Engineered to withstand the most demanding print-shops the S-Type Xtreme has an uprated AC index motor and gearbox along with a stronger and remarkably stable X-shaped base, making it lighting fast and phenomenally precise and delivering outstanding performance, accuracy and reliability along with superb ease of use.  Its fully self-diagnostic touch screen interface also provides the operator with instant and intuitive feedback in almost any language.

Available in 10 , 12, 14, 16 & 18 color models, the S-Type Xtreme comes ‘user friendly’ with more standard features than any other press in its class, not to mention a host of innovative time saving features designed to significantly reduce your set-up times and boost your productivity to a whole new level.  Its optional long stroke (LS) models increase flexibility ensuring that the S-Type Xtreme can be tailored to fit you individual business needs and budget precisely.

Flawless repeatability, unrivaled build quality and unsurpassed registration accuracy ensures the S-Type Xtreme will deliver award-winning print quality and many years of trouble free production, providing you with superb peace of mind.


Designed by Screenprinters for Screenprinters, the S-Type Xtreme is an entirely new performance class




specification 2








Synchroprint 4000 AC (Auto-Reg)

It’s pretty tough to replace a world-renowned, ultra-high performance press with one that is even better, but that is just what MHM have done with the introduction of the Synchroprint 4000 AC…

The ultimate in sophistication, combining innovative design along with advanced technology and ease of use, this press will change the way you look at Screen Printing Machines forever.

Available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18 color models and with more standard features and greater versatility than any other press available, the Synchroprint 4000 AC is the key to unlocking your unlimited creativity.

An endless array of timesaving features and production speeds of up to 1400 pieces per hour combined with unrivalled build quality, incredible registration accuracy and flawless repeatability will transform your productivity to heights previously never thought possible, delivering award-winning image quality with seamless consistency and reliability.

Proven worldwide as the fastest set-up system available, our state-of-the-art automatic ‘GOTO’ registration system will revolutionise your set-up procedures as never before. Complete with the ability to store the entire production data for an unlimited number of your most frequent designs including individual screen positions, repeat production will become a pleasure.

Representing a new milestone in technology, the Synchroprint 4000 AC has arrived…


MHM002 MHM003


The Automatic ‘GOTO’ Registration System explained in 10 easy steps…

  1. All screens are pre-registered using the free-standing film positioning unit. Complete with built-in fine line ‘LED’ guides, this ensures all the film positives are positioned in precisely the same place on all of the screens.
  2. Expose all screens in the normal manner. Film positives may be cut to size, avoiding wastage and minimising film costs.
  3. A simple push button on the Synchroprint 4000 touch screen display with perform a ‘reference drive’, ensuring that all the screen holders on the press are starting from exactly the same position, duplicating the film-positioning unit.
  4. Load all the screens into the Synchroprint 4000 in the correct order and switch on any flash cure units.
  5. Next, take the primary positive (usually the key line) and place it onto the leading pallet, taking care that it is square and in the correct place for the garment. Then simply tape it in place to secure.
  6. Move the leading pallet under the first screen by pressing the ‘index’ button and then press ‘up/down’ to lower the screen on to the pallet and artwork.
  7. Using the six directional motorised movement controls on the print head keypad, position just the first screen ONLY to the artwork. (A little time getting this accurate will pay dividends).
  8. Once complete, press the ‘GOTO’ button and all the remaining screens (irrespective of how many colors) will be driven to exactly the same position by incredibly accurate high-speed step-motors. As all the artwork was initially pre-registered – the job is done!
  9. It’s then just a matter of loading the squeegees, adding the ink and running a test print/sample.
  10. Finally, don’t forget to save the job by assigning a ‘design name’ from the touch screen display. (Again, this is as simple as pressing a few buttons). The Synchroprint 4000 will then record and memorise all the individual screen positions, flood/print speeds and number of strokes required on each individual print head along with the location, power and time settings of any flash cure units used.

An unlimited number of designs may be stored for re-call at any time in the future, making repeat production a breeze!

PS: If you didn’t get the films on straight at the pre-registration stage don’t worry, you are able to make any fine adjustments at this stage, but don’t forget to re-save the design under the same name and the Synchroprint 4000 will automatically overwrite these changes and take them into account every time you reload that design – how’s that for technology!




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